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Title: We Proclaim Christ

What’s Christian ministry about?

The aim of Christian ministry


The means of Christian ministry


The challenges of Christian ministry


We proclaim Christ

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Devotional Aids

The devotional aids below are based on the Heidelberg Catechism. Please feel free to use them as a supplement to your daily reading and meditation on the bible.

Devotional Aid 20200810 to 20200816 (docx|pdf)

Devotional Aid 20200803 to 20200809 (docx|pdf)

Devotional Aid 20200727 to 20200802 (docx|pdf)

Devotional Aid 20200720 to 20200726 (docx|pdf)

Devotional Aid 20200713 to 20200719 (docx|pdf)

Devotional Aid 20200706 to 20200712 (docx|pdf)

Devotional Aid 20200629 to 20200705 (docx|pdf)

Devotional Aid 20200622 to 20200628 (docx|pdf)

Devotional Aid 20200615 to 20200621 (docx|pdf)

Devotional Aid 20200608 to 20200614 (docx|pdf)

Devotional Aid 20200601 to 20200607 (docx|pdf)

Devotional Aid 20200525 to 20200531 (docx|pdf)

Devotional Aid 20200518 to 20200524 (docx|pdf)

Devotional Aid 20200511 to 20200517 (docx|pdf)

Devotional Aid 20200504 to 20200510 (docx|pdf)

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