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37 Guernsey St, Scone NSW, Australia

Pastor Timothy Lee: 0425 270 854

Rev. Garry White: 0427 001 382

Email: Click here

© Upper Hunter Presbyterian Church 2018 


We, Upper Hunter Presbyterian Church are a group of people who believe Jesus is the hope of the world.


We believe that life has meaning and purpose and a wonderful hope for the future because God sent Jesus for us.

We invite you to join us as we continue to discover what it means to follow Jesus.

COVID-19 UPDATE: Due to COVID-19 pandemic, we have suspended our physical gatherings until further notice. While we cannot meet in person, we are going to pray, call, and tune in. Please see further details by going to RESOURCES page.

For our usual worship together, we will use WORSHIP @ HOME page on this website. Please feel free to join us online (contact Tim for details) or use the resources put together at your own pace. We hope to meet you online or in person one day soon.

In the meantime, may I warmly invite you to pray with us:

Father God,

You abound in mercy. It is a great comfort to know your sovereign power and grace.

You see our anxious hearts and hear our silent sighs. And although we’re yet to be made perfect, you look upon us with great compassion and delight because of your beloved and well-pleasing Son, Jesus our Lord. Gracious Father, please guide us in this turbulent time. Fill us with Your Spirit, and give us wisdom as we face decisions small and big. Motivate us with love for You and for others. And increase our faith that relies on You rather than ourselves.


Gracious God, please be with the government officials making tough decisions at this time. Please enable them to act with justice and wisdom in this health and economic crisis. Please protect and empower health professionals as they seek to care for all who are in need of their help. And please bring us as a society to regain our composure and overcome the panic and selfishness, so there may be peace despite the challenges among our neighbours. For those who are particularly vulnerable to the corona virus and an economic downturn, please protect them, and give them hope at this time. And be merciful to all of us, our Lord and Creator, and curb and stop the spread of this virus.


We pray these in Jesus’s name. Amen.