Sunday Worship 3pm 29 March 2020

It's great you could join us in this way. We yearn for the day when we can gather physically and celebrate our King Jesus together. Until then, this is one of the ways we will continue to praise God and encourage one another.

(Those who are able can use zoom to join the online meeting before and after. Please check your emails or contact Tim for details.)

Welcome and Call to Worship - Psalm 18:2–3

Praise: A Mighty Fortress is our God


Kids Talk/Song: The Lord is King

Bible Reading: Mark 1:21–28

Sermon: Jesus's surpassing authority

Praise: Good and Gracious King


 1) Jesus showed himself to have authority unlike the scribes (Mark 1:22). What would this mean for us as we listen to preachers or read Christian books?

 2) Jesus showed himself to have authority over evil spirits (Mark 1:25–27). Have you had an experience where you believe you had an encounter with an evil spirit? How does knowing Jesus who has authority over evil spirits comfort you?

 3) Jesus has the authority of God. What are some situations where you will trust Jesus in the coming days?

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